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Speedo 2403 cx

Thought I would give this forum a shot...if anyone is interested, we can work out shipping etc. later.

For Sale - one Speedotron Black Line 2403 cx power pak with 6 - 102 heads and 6 extention cables.

This equipment was used commercially for a number of years, so the exteriors are, shall we say, reasonable. The 7" reflectors have bumps and dents, but everything works very well. Flash tubes are all there, but I only have two of the modelling lights installed. Most of my work these days is on location, so I bought a new mono-light system and the Speedo units currently sit in my storage closet.

I also have a 2403 C power pack that is currently not working. No idea what's wrong with it...one day, it just didn't power up.

I'd like someone to make me an offer I can't refuse!
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