View Full Version : Canon 1Ds for sale

Oct 11/06, 10:43 AM
I'm thinking of selling my Canon 1Ds (11MP, full frame) and if anyone is interested please let me know. I just started thinking about it, so I haven't settled on an asking price yet, but I wanted to put the word out there to see if anyone is interested.

It's about two years old, and I am the second owner, but I am not a high volume shooter and neither was the first owner. However, it did have a dent on the top of the prism when I bought it, but it absolutely does not affect performance. The previous owner replaced it with the 1Ds Mark II and it had less than 10,000 actuations when I bought it. Considering the volume I shoot, it probably still has less than 20,000.

You can reply here, or email me directly at "andrew at arossphoto.com". (changed to protect address from spambots, just change "at" to @ and remove spaces)