Canadian Photographer Jeff Harris: 13 years of daily self-portraits

Toronto photographer Jeff Harris says he was terrible at keeping a journal when he decided to start a project of daily self-portraits. He’s been doing it now for 13 years, and he’s still going strong.

When he began the project, Harris says he wanted to make sure he captured a sense of his life outside the cubicle world he worked in. This forced him to get outside and do something interesting each day. As the years went by, he says, the photos got more refined and experimental, but only 1-2 each month are what he rates as “visually interesting”. He also got help from other people to take his picture, including celebrities like Gene Simmons, Billy Idol and Michael Moore.

At a certain point, he has a radical and unexpected development in his life that makes the project all the more poignant. Please take 5 minutes and watch this selection of 13 years of Jeff’s photos, along with his moving narration. You won’t be disappointed and you may be inspired to start living your own own life more fully. To learn more about Jeff and his project please visit


  1. Elizabeth Backhouse says:

    Wow, you are truly inspiring! Keep it up, what a great project!

  2. Linda Belliveau says:

    I think I’ve been following Jeff for 10 years. Each month I’d look for anther set! Sending positive energy and looking forward to the next installment!

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