A motorcycle crash changed this Edmonton photographer’s career forever

Renee Robyn Smug Mug Video

After a devastating motorcycle crash almost took her life, Renee Robyn turned to Photoshop to create surreal and mysterious worlds that stretch the boundaries of imagination. Though her body was immobile, her mind was free to fly. You can read some of Renee Robyn’s tips for creating epic digital composites over at Smug Mug and… [read more]

You can help decide who will win the prestigious 2015 Aimia | AGO Photography Prize

Every year a jury of expert curators and artists comb through portfolios to select a short list of the most innovative contemporary artists working with photography from Canada and around the world. Then it’s up to voters, like you, to step up and award the $50,000 prize. Be sure to vote for your favourite finalist… [read more]

Canada’s largest film insurance broker now offers online camera insurance policies for commercial photographers

Canadian camera equipment insurance

Front Row, a Canadian Insurance broker that specializes in the film industry, has announced the launch of a new online camera insurance program for commercial photographers. This unique offering allows photographers the chance to get quick quotes and process policy documents in less than five minutes, 365 days a year, 24/7 – the insurance equivalent of… [read more]

Benjamin Von Wong shoots portrait of a cormorant fisherman 30 metres underwater for Ballantine‘s Scotch ‘Stay True’ campaign

VonWong Fisherman Lantern

Earlier this year, Ballantine‘s Scotch approached Benjamin Von Wong with a proposal that most photographers only dream of hearing from a client: We love what you do and want to support you as part of our Stay True campaign. Is there anything you’d like to do that you’ve never done before? Von Wong had a… [read more]

Nikon Canada announces three new lenses including refined popular favourite, lighter super-telephoto zoom and fast wide-angle prime


Nikon Canada today announced three news lenses for professional and enthusiast photographers. The AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR is an evolution of one of Nikon’s most popular pro lenses. The AF-S NIKKOR 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR is a compact super-telephoto zoom lens that is surprisingly lightweight, weighing in at just over five pounds. The AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.8G ED is a wide-angle prime lens that’s both lightweight and affordable. [read more]

Montreal photographer Johany Jutras turns her lens to Canadian football fans


For 70 days, photographer Johany Jutras will travel alone through nine cities and 9,000 kilometres to capture the culture of the Canadian Football League’s fans. And by the early accounts from her travel, documented on social media, she’ll be anything but alone. “Crossing the country, taking pictures, making a photo book out of it,” Jutras… [read more]

New app launching in Canada aims to be the Uber of the photography industry


Aimed at bringing the professional photography community together through an industry-specific social network, Pro Photo Shoot is the first talent discovery and booking tool available natively on any platform. Leveraging the convenience and accessibility of a mobile device, Pro Photo Shoot displays available models, photographers, makeup artists, and stylists in a chosen city. The initial… [read more]

Kodak demolishes 92-year-old film manufacturing building in Rochester, New York

Kodak Building 53 Implosion

Another piece of film making history was destroyed on Saturday when Building 53 at Kodak’s Eastman Park in Rochester, New York was reduced to rubble. Rochester’s News10NBC was there as the 92-year-old building was brought to the ground with a choreographed implosion. “Eight stories high, 250,000 square feet, and it was the home to film… [read more]

EnWrapture photo series by Dan Lim supports pride and passion of Canadian athletes

Martin Reader

Dan Lim and Iota Creative collaborate on Dan’s latest project, EnWrapture, to bring awareness to Canadian Athletes, and the passion and pride they hold for their sport and country. The 12 image series will be donated to the Canadian Olympic Foundation, and will be auctioned during the Gold Medal Plate Galas in support of the Future Olympians Fund. [read more]

Works of Canada’s best photographers explored further with a new set of stamps


Seven more of Canada’s best photographers will be celebrated as Canada Post releases the third issue of stamps in a five-year series on photography. The work of Nina Raginsky, Sam Tata, Geoffrey James, Larry Towell, Geneviève Cadieux, Conrad Poirier, and Harold Mortimer-Lamb was carefully selected with the assistance of leading curators and gallery owners to showcase… [read more]